Tombow Abt Dual Brush Pen 12 Unit

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Tombow Abt Dual Brush Pen 12 Unit

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Brush Pen with two tips. The fine tip is mainly used, when drawing exact lines. The second tips is thicker and flexible like a brush. Available in 96 vivid colours. Water-based colours can be mixed together and used as watercolours. Perfect for creating cards, producing motifs, sketching, drawing comics, illustrating and much more. These pens are odourless. Colours are not light-resistant. The following colours are included in the set: N15 black, N75 cool grey, 055 process yellow, 296 green, 476 cyan, 555 ultramarine, 676 royal purple, 725 rhodamine red, 845 carmine, 873 coral, 879 brown, 933 orange.


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